Kenzie Academy Withdrawal Form 

School Withdrawal Confirmation

SORRY! You are in the wrong place!

You will need to contact SNHU directly to proceed with withdrawal from them. Kenzie Academy only offers short-term certificate programs that is affiliated with SNHU, but operates as a separate entity. Here are a couple resources that should help get you to the right place:
**This form is only monitored for Kenzie Academy submissions. You may not be contacted if you submit this form. Please follow the links above to ensure the appropriate offices receive your withdrawal request. 

Kenzie Academy Withdrawal

Personal Infomation 
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Reason for Withdrawal
If you selected Covid-19, please choose all of the following that apply to your situation.

Additional Information Needed Needed

Form Submission Details

Acknowledgment of Terms
If unsure of re-entry eligibility, please consult your Learning Success Advisor prior to submission of this form
You will still have access to your Kenzie email address for 60 days post withdrawal

Your withdrawal is considered official as of submission of this form.